Card Catalogs - Is there

ANYTHING like them?

Gone are the days when book worms and library lovers would lose themselves sifting through the selections found in a card catalog.

But every end marks a new beginning
-and now the possibilities of these charming cabinets are almost endless.

They're just enjoyed in different places- like your home or office.  Now, maybe you can find one for yourself.


Above- great for a CD storage cabinet.



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The age of public library files is mostly gone, but the enchantment lives. 

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            Card Cat-alog 

Library cabinets like this invite new purposes so easily that even a feline can find one. 

From planters, to office supply, kitchen, paper, children's items and CD storage, there must be at least a hundred uses.


     Unique - Versatile - Creative - Functional

Very few items in a home could claim these qualities and more.

The biggest problem can be finding any library card file cabinet for sale at all. Having options to choose what suits your taste and purpose is even better. 

That's where we've got you covered.

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Maybe it's

   the mystery . . .

   the design . . .

   the function . . .

Whatever it is, there's a unique attraction that comes just by looking at a piece of library card catalog furniture.

They seem to keep
stories inside, but these library card drawers can contain so much more.





Above- A vintage look.